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Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen
The Goal Target

To create an app that lets users quickly check their horoscope, star sign’s qualities and compatibility with other signs. The general problem with horoscope apps is that they’re too wordy. We aimed to make the horoscopes quick to read and a pleasure to look at.

This was a complete UI/UX project where we worked on the user experience, user interface, screenshots and logo design.

Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen
Our Process Target

1) Research

First, we looked into the niche, target market and competitors of the app. By analyzing these aspects we gained valuable insights into what users loved and what they were missing from similar apps.

2) UX

We created the wireframes. We focused on creating a smooth user experience with plain and straightforward navigation. We decided to represent the user’s horoscope with simple graphics and charts. This way it would please the eye and get information across quickly. Many people read their horoscope during small daily tasks like drinking coffee in the morning, and so don’t want it to take up too much time.

3) UI

We formed and polished the visual style of the app, making sure the entire app appearance was cohesive. Finding the perfect graphics was very important, along with the dark and mystical yet playful color scheme.

4) Logo, screenshots & extras

We created the logo and beautiful screenshots for all screen types. This is the last but incredibly important step. Your app store presence is very important as it’s the first look people get into your app.

Results Award

We created an easy-to-use, playful and pretty app. Users really like the ability to quickly view their horoscope, qualities and compatibility without having to scour the internet for hours or read through long texts.

Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen Zodiacs screen

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