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Our MMA screen Our MMA screen
The Goal Target

The team at Our MMA noticed a high demand from their clients for a simple system to view their meal plans and training schedules. They contacted us to design them a simple app that would reduce the effort needed to dispatch these meal plans and schedules, and allow them to contact their clients easily.

Our MMA screen Our MMA screen Our MMA screen Our MMA screen
Our Process Target

1) Research

First, we looked into the niche, target market and competitors of the app. By analyzing these aspects we gained valuable insights into what users loved and what they were missing from similar apps.

2) UX

We created the wireframes. We focused on creating a smooth user experience with plain and straightforward navigation.

The Our MMA team really emphasized the need for a simple user interface as their main goal was to reduce the amount of effort neeed to dispatch the personalized meal plans and training schedules.

3) UI

We formed and polished the visual style of the app. We created delightful graphics, picked out the perfect color scheme, and made sure the overall app appearance was cohesive.

Results Award

We created a simple, modern app that met Our MMA’s needs. After conducting a survery at several gyms, they found that over 86% of people were in favor of the design and would use the app (as opposed to other methods of tracking their progress with their trainer).

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