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Screenshots for the family task-sharing app

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Labor of love screen Labor of love screen
The Goal Target

The team at Labor of Love asked us to create beautiful App Store screenshots for their family task-sharing app. Labor of Love aims to help family members receive appreciation for their hard work and tasks they complete at home. They wanted something that would catch the eye and excite their userbase to implement the app into their lives.

Our Process Target

1) Research

We started off by looking through the app and asking the team what its strongpoints were and what features they wanted to highlight.

We also looked at the niche, target market and competitors of the app and discovered that most task apps have tame and plain screenshots — exciting screenshots could hugely benefit this app!

2) Sketches & design

We created a few quick variations of the screenshots. We strive to make all variations awesome, but a team inevitably always has a favorite! Once the team approved a variation, we got to work on polishing the design and replicating it across all iPhone and iPad sizes.

Results Award

Both the app’s team and their audience loved the screenshots! They were a huge success and raised the app’s conversion rate by 10%.

The screenshots now properly inform and excite the user about the app's features, and also led to an increase in shining reviews!

Labor of love screen Labor of love screen Labor of love screen Labor of love screen

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