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The Goal Target

To create an app that lets you view the time in different regions, and create customized events and alarms.

There are many similar apps out there, but they can seem quite cluttered. Clocks aims to be the answer to this problem.

Our Process Target

1) Research

First, we looked into the niche, target market and competitors of the app. By analyzing these aspects we gained valuable insights into what users loved and what they were missing from similar apps.

Other apps in this niche appeared to “do the job” for the users, but could be improved design-wise and made much simpler to use.

2) UX

We created the wireframes. We focused on creating a smooth user experience with plain and straightforward navigation.

3) UI

We formed and polished the visual style of the app. We created delightful graphics, picked out the perfect color scheme, and made sure the overall app appearance was cohesive. We settled on large, bright and bold elements with a muted background.

Results Award

We created a simple, bold app that makes creating customized events and alerts fun rather than frustrating.

Clocks screen Clocks screen Clocks screen Clocks screen

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